About Dr. Cat

Dr. Cat comprehensively blends her education and 35 years of practice.

As an RN in women’s health, hospice, and oncology, with her PhD and ND in holistic healthcare focusing on cellular nutrition, absorption and rebalancing the body.

Her motto is “Rebalance, Reset as many times as you need”.

“Less is better” in her opinion for Botox and Dermal filler.

Belle Sculpt is a fat,cellulite solution with new skin tightening technology and has been available in Europe for some years.

Sculpting the body to her clients needs and desires is very important to her.

She combines Belle Sculpt, Botox, Fillers and if need be cellular nutrition, natural weight loss program for individual clients.

Dr. Cat is a Medical Intuitive. She defines medical intuition as “knowing” things about our physical body and emotional state.

People often say, “I know something isn’t right, but I’m technically ‘fine.’” Or “My neck is bothering me, nothing helps it, and I have a feeling there’s an emotion behind it.” These are examples of your own medical intuition. Sometimes it’s as simple as avoiding a certain food on a hunch that doing so might make you feel better.

Cat is originally from Germany and has had clinics in Europe, California and now Florida

All staff; MD, Phd, HHD, NP, RN and Esthetician are licensed.